Frequently Asked Questions at Smith Chiropractic

Frequently Asked Questions at Smith Chiropractic

What insurances do you accept?

Our office is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna insurances. If we are out of network with your policy, we will be glad to check and see if benefits might be payable at an out-of-network rate.

How much will it cost?

The cost of your first visit is on us. Check out our new patient special here. For future appointments, it is hard to estimate a cost since so many factors come into play. Depending on your insurance and on-going needs, Dr. Smith will discuss the cost of future visits with you as well.

How much time will it take?

We generally advise our patients to allow about an hour for their initial appointment. This allows time to complete paperwork, exams, any x-rays that the patient needs, as well as the checkout process. If you want to save time print off the new patient paperwork here.

What is going to happen during my initial appointment?
(Do I have to get x-rays)

During the initial appointment, Dr. Smith will sit down with you to discuss the reason for your visit and any other concerns that you feel chiropractic care can help. They will examine your spine and may take x-rays to determine the extent of any subluxations or spinal injury.

What happens after my first appointment?

After the initial appointment, we will schedule what we call a “Report of Findings” appointment where you will sit down with Dr. Dale Smith and look over your x-rays. He will show you where your pain or symptoms are coming from and let you know what type of treatment schedule he recommends to get you feeling better and functioning at 100%.

How do I get to your office?

If you are familiar with the Cordova area, Our office is located at Dexter and Chickering at the intersection is just west of Germantown Parkway—our building is unique as is is a New Orleans Style Building called Vieux Carre. See us on Google maps here.

What should I bring?

You should bring your new patient paperwork and your insurance card.