Corporate Wellness Program | Smith Chiropractic

Dr. Carol Smith & Dr. Dale Smith offer Corporate Wellness Workshops

Dr. Carol Smith & Dr. Dale Smith volunteer their time to help businesses and organizations become more productive and successful by educating their team to become healthier, more energetic and less stressed, while preventing and reducing injuries and ailments. Topics can include Stress Management, Nutrition, Wellness, and initiating healthy routines as an introduction to the more basic foundations of overall health.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Complimentary Corporate Wellness Lecture

Learn how our corporate workshops can help your team to boost energy, improve health and increase performance on the job.  Because this is a complimentary service, the major limitation to companies, fire departments and small businesses has merely been availability of Drs. Dale and Carol.   If you are interested in gathering more information, give us a call at (901) 794-0876 and we would be happy to help!